2021 Sailing Starting Times

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January 2021

Due to COVID 19, sailing is currently suspended.  Details will be updated as and when they change and members will be alerted to any major changes via email.


Sundays 3rd March to 20th October 2019:

Slow Handicap fleet & Fast Handicap fleet                                                            1.00pm
Mass start

Sundays 27th October to 8th December 2019:

Slow Handicap fleet & Fast Handicap fleet                                                            12.30pm
Mass start

Three points races will be sailed each Sunday.




Wednesday evenings 3rd April, 28th August & 4th September 2019:

Slow Handicap fleet & Fast Handicap fleet                                                            7.00pm
Mass start

Wednesday evenings 10th April to 21st August 2019:

Slow Handicap fleet & Fast Handicap fleet                                                            7.15pm
Mass start

On Wednesdays between 24th April and 21st August two races will be sailed ‘back to back’ provided the OOD considers conditions to be suitable.  Please note that the sequence of the fleet starts for the second race may vary from that which was used in the first race.


For a particular series, the Sailing Committee may choose to introduce separate starts for different fleets.

This decision will be displayed both on the Sailing Committee noticeboard in the main clubroom and here in the Members’ Area of our website before the first race of any given series and will apply to the whole series.

Starting for any subsequent series will revert to one Mass Start unless a further notification is posted.

The notification will include which Fleet board will be used to indicate that particular fleet’s start.


All races will be dually scored to give both Class results and Handicap results with the Handicap results being the combined results from the Slow Handicap fleet and the Fast Handicap fleet.  Trophies will be awarded to the All Classes’ winner (i.e. the overall series winner as calculated using the PY Handicap system) in each of the club’s six series.

Please note that our Sailing Instructions (SI 14.10) state that the club trophies for the various classes (Merlin Rocket, GP14, Solo & Laser) will only be awarded if, at the end of each series, at least three boats have participated in at least one third of the races run in the series (rounded down).