2021 Sailing

Wednesday 14th April

With the snow having cleared away, but the bitter wind still around, people turned up at the club to find that once again the local Hollingworth breeze had kicked in. Dave Smith & Chris Massey chose to run Boat Start & Finish and Dave Fisher assisted in the RIB.

Steve Crook & Sally Townend aced the start, with the rest of the fleet giving them plenty of room to tack off onto port and sail off, hotly pursued by the Richard & Heather Marsh. Richard soon took the lead on the water, but Steve was pushing hard all race to maintain the gap. Further back in the fleet Adam McGovern & Jasper Bramwell were having a good fight with the Lasers until a spinnaker issue caused them to fall back. The Solos had a good close race, joined by Nick Hornsby & Rod Daniel in the GP until a bad tack by Andy Carter, getting his tiller extension caught under the thwart, led to him being the only capsize of the evening (and thankful he had chose to wear his drysuit!)

The wind held through to the end of the race and the results were :

  • Richard & Heather Marsh – RS400
  • Steve Crook & Sally Townend – Merlin Rocket
  • Martin Brennan – Solo
  • Evan Parry – Laser
  • Julian Parry – Phantom

Sunday 11th April

Well what a difference a couple of weeks make, 2 weeks ago it was 20+ Degrees, but Snow welcomed the sailors to the club! It must have been brought south by Steve Crook, who was making his first appearance of the season.

Thanks to the Race team for what was not the best of days to be stood around, or sat in the RIB.

Official report from JG Knox

A couple of inches of snow in the morning did not deter sailors from racing at the Lake on Sunday. There was another great turnout for those keen to be on the water. But the wind was reluctant to settle in any certain direction.

There were 3 different race winners in 3 different classes of boats. It was the Solos that came out on top overall and best able to cope with the variable conditions.

Merlin Rocket sailors were keen to show that they were on the pace and, in the first race, Les Bithell and Emma Turner took the win beating the expertise of Steve Crook and Sally Townend finishing fourth. In between, Julian Parry was trying the Phantom single-hander to come in second ahead of Martin Brennan (Solo).

Conditions in the second race did not improve with flat spots to slow down everyone. The single handers coped best with the Solos doing best in the hands of Andy Carter and Martin Brennan. They were followed in by Chris Massey and Evan Parry in Lasers.

There were fewer takers for the third race. The wind had now settled in to a north westerly direction. Rounding ahead at the first mark, Richard and Heather Marsh (RS400) hoisted their spinnaker and found a good breeze to carry them across the Lake. As the others got to the mark, the breeze had all but disappeared and the Marshs were out of sight. Despite the benefits of the handicaps for the slower boats the lead was not threatened. This time Martin Brennan got past Andy Carter in a close race for the runner up spot with Chris Massey in fourth place.

Wednesday 7th April

By Adam McGovern

A light westerly wind resulted in some close racing this evening. The Solos of Martin Brennan and Mike Smith took full advantage of the conditions to sail well and secure a 1-2 with the GP14 of Adam McGovern and Eleanor Davies coming home in 3rd. We had some tight battles throughout the fleet with Evan Parry just getting the better of Tom Daniel in the lasers and the GP14 of Nick Hornsby and Rod Daniel had a great race with the other Solos with Kevin Parry winning that battle.

It’s great to be back! A big thanks to the duty team once again.

Sunday 4th April

Following on from a tough year and a Winter Lockdown that really tested the mental strength it was with great joy that we were finally able to get back on the water.

Official report from JG Knox

With the easing of restrictions a week ago, sailors were keen to get racing on the Lake again. Some had been on water during the past week. However, it was great to see 15 boats out on Sunday.

In the breezy conditions, it was always likely that the five Solos would have the closest racing in the results. However, the range of boats would also see who was in the fittest trim to race. And there would be several capsizes as the day became more blustery with the clouds building. Some sudden windshifts would catch the unwary.

In the first race, Chris Massey (having been out on Saturday with his young daughter in a Mirror) was race ready to win in his RS300. It was the Juniors in Toppers who showed up well, with Hector Droungas in second place, ahead of Nick Brook (Solo), having got past Andy Carter. Fourth place went to Jacob Din (Topper). Although Nick Brook and Daisy Fisher were tied on two race results, the last race success gave the day to young Daisy.

Other points of note:

Martin & Rene Watts provided the courses and ran the racing, with Richard Hodgson, Stuart Bates, Dave Smith and Kevin Parry assisting at different times.

Mike Smith was the unfortunate winner of the first capsize, but several others had a swim as well, notably Evan Parry who death-rolled his laser immediately infront of Nick Brook, who barely managed to avoid serious contact.

Adam McGovern was proving how good Betsy is at rigging, by failing to get the boat rigged correctly without her help! Richard Marsh said that in the second race, on the reach from E to B that as they approached Cafe Point in a massive gust that it went very quiet in the boat as they approached the point at high speed! Fortunately they managed to clear the point in their new (to them) RS400.

It was a testing day, in terms of the wind that came through off the club shore, but the dinghy park was filled with happy sailors at the end of the day