2021 Berth List

Last updated : 25th March 2021

Please note that the berths are allocated based on a list held by the Sailing Secretary. If you require a berth do not place your boat in an empty berth, even if it is not shown as allocated, as there is a waiting list for Berths at present.

Berth NumberMember
1a (Racking Top)
1b (Racking Middle)
1c (Racking Bottom)
Lucas Droungas
Theo Madden
Isobel Duxbury-Hill
2 (Racking)Club Optimists & Greenbank Optimists
3George Blatch
4Graham Knox
5Rana Din
6Adam Din
7Jacob Din
8Les Bithell
9Nigel Davey
10Bruce Mager
11Eleanor Davies
12Stephen Crook
13Simon Massey
14Martin & Rene Watts
15Mike Smith
16Nick Heginbotham
17Kevin Parry
18Martin Brennan
19Xavier & Anabelle Bramwell
20Andrew Hilton
21Adam McGovern
22Nick Brook
23Richard Blackburn
24Julian Parry
25Julia Lomax
26Carli Sutcliffe
27Andy Carter
28Nick Hornsby
29Graham Booth
30Andy Carter
31Tom Daniel
32Richard Long
33Richard Long
34Richard Mason
35Betsy McGovern
36Nick Hornsby
37Alfie Whitehill
38Pippa Whitehill
39Richard Whitehill
40Evan Parry
41Will Smith
42Craig Bower
43Craig Bower
44Dave Smith
45Les Burns
46Andrew Wake
47Chris Massey
48Matthew Rush
49Alice Morris
50Thomas Kay
51Richard and Heather Marsh
Lauren & Jessica Marsh
54Ian Laing
55Ste Mason
56Shane McGarry
57Sarah Hayfield
58Rachel McGarry
Mille & Annabelle Hayfield
60 Tom Higgins
62Tom Copley
63Kirsch, Allan
64 Dave Fisher
M1Jasper Bramwell
M2Emma Turner
M3Holly Kay
M4Hector Droungos
M5Daisy Fisher
M6Amelia & Samuel Bates
M7Matthew Winder
M8Miles Emmett
M9Annabelle Massey
M10Alina Zubair