Parking at Hollingworth Lake

With the ever growing popularity of Hollingworth Lake, combined with the introduction of Residents Only parking on Milbury Drive, Woodheys Road, Merlin Close, Cleggswood Avenue, Beechwood Avenue, Higher Cleggswood Avenue, Heald Close and Lake Bank, at busy periods parking sometimes isn’t all that straight forward!!

Immediately outside the club is the Lake Bank Car Park (90 spaces; pay and display)

However, when that’s full then the next best off street parking is the Hollingworth Road Car Park (250 spaces; pay and display). Just go along the Lake Bank (towards Littleborough), turn the corner at the Wine Press (aka the Fisherman’s) onto Hollingworth Road and take the first left (through the trees) and down to the large car park.  In the south west corner of the car park there is a footpath that takes you directly up to the junction of Heald Lane and Lake Bank.

So it’s just a six minute walk from the Hollingworth Road Car Park to the dinghy park, not bad really!


Hollingworth Lake local parking