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Fancy having a go?

HLSC welcomes complete beginners to experienced sailors. Dinghy sailing takes place on a 117 acre reservoir set in the foothills of the Pennines in Littleborough near Rochdale and is easily accessible; just 10 minutes from the M62, junction 21.

HLSC is run by its members for its members with a great family atmosphere, has good fleet racing, is committed to training & developing sailing skills and is an accredited RYA Training Centre.


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Having completed a major clubhouse upgrade, HLSC now has modern and smart facilities thanks to generous support from the Sport England Inspired Facilities fund and a number of our club members.SE_PPP_IM_60x60_grad


News about our HLSC club members representing the club 

Our members have been busy representing the club at various events.  See how they have got on by clicking on the following links:

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Fancy having a go?

RS Vision on 2015 Open Day

If you want to find out what sailing is all about then the perfect way is to arrange to come along to the club and go out on the water with one of our club members for a Taster Session (which normally lasts for about 1½ hours) for which there is a charge of £15.

If you wish to arrange to come for a Taster Session please e-mail your contact details (ideally including your mobile phone number) off to us at training@hlsc.org.uk.  We normally arrange for these taster sessions to be held on Friday evenings or, possibly, on Sunday mornings.  If you are contacting us about having a taster session then letting us know your most suitable dates would greatly assist us.

We run two Introduction To Sailing courses per year and the first of these courses has already been completed and the second course is now fully booked and underway.  However if, following your Taster Session, you feel the need to follow it up with some training sessions then we can arrange for you to go on an RYA Start Sailing course (Level 1).

We can provide you with much more information about this course when you come along for your Taster Session

Please go to the Training at HLSC page of the website for more details.


Latest Sailing News

Wednesday 20th July 2016
Conditions remained good for 2 races on another sunny evening. There was some banter among the Solos as Oliver had started late in the first race to give others a sporting chance, as the race was shortened he did not have time to overtake Kevin Parry who got second. While in the next race, Andy Wake came from last to challenge David Hughes for second place. The experience of Roger and John Mee led them to lead the Merlins. The GP14 results showed a reverse for the lead between the 2 races. And that spread to the Lasers with Richard Whitehill winning the second race.
Merlin Rocket-
Races1 & 2: 1.R & J Mee 2.G Whitehead/D Thompson 3. I Laing/J Lewis
Race 1: 1.M Brennan/S Miles 2.M Butler/S Caladine 3.N & A Hornsby
Race 2: 1.M Butler/S Caladine 2.M Brennan/S Miles 3.N & A Hornsby
Race 1: 1.D Hughes 2.K Parry 3.O Whitehead
Race 2: 1.O Whitehead 2.D Hughes 3.A Wake
Race1: 1.G Butler 2.R Whitehill 3.J Maguire
Race 2: 1.R Whitehill 2.G Butler 3.J Maguire


Sunday 17th July 2016
Glorious sunshine brightened sailing prospects at the Lake on Sunday. While there was wind, it was varying a lot between south-west and north-west. So it could be rather like snakes and ladders, if you caught the right shifts you gained. Adam McGovern and Ellie Davies always got it right in the GP14s, while behind them, in races 2 & 3, there was close competition and place changing. Martin Brennan, sailing a Solo, has a sharp eye for such conditions and took 3 bullets too. In the second race, Gerald Whitehead (Solo) ran aground on the Cafe point, perhaps hoping to get an ice-cream there!

Merlin Rocket-
Race1: 1.L Bithell/J McNeil 2.G Winder/H Daniel 3.B Mager/C Jowett
Races 2 & 3: 1.L Bithell/J McNeill 2.B Mager/C Jowett 3. G Winder/H Daniel
Race 1: 1.A McGovern/E Davies
Race 2: 1.A McGovern/E Davies 2.T Daniel/R Richards 3.P Bramwell/S Caladine
Race 3: 1.A McGovern/E Davies 2.P Bramwell/S Caladine 3. O Whitehead/E Turner
Race 1:1.M Brennan 2.K Parry 3.G Whitehead
Race 2:1.M Brennan 2.K Parry
Race 3:1.M Brennan 2.G Whitehead


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