Welcome to Hollingworth Lake Sailing Club

hlsc-letterhead-logoHLSC welcomes complete beginners to experienced sailors. Dinghy sailing takes place on a 117 acre reservoir set in the foothills of the Pennines in Littleborough near Rochdale and is easily accessible; just 7 minutes from the M62, junction 21.

HLSC is run by its members for its members with a great family atmosphere, has good fleet racing, is committed to training & developing sailing skills and is an accredited RYA Training Centre.


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More opportunities as we ‘open up’ our club racing

Our club racing programme starts on the first Sunday of next month and we sail all the way through to mid-December.  So, our first day of sailing this year is on Sunday 5th March.

For 2017 we have made some key changes to our club racing programme.  The main one being that we have decided to adopt handicap racing and so we will be sailing a variety of classes in open handicap racing


Enthusiastic dinghy racers, whether you own a single or double handed boat, will be able to readily join our club racing as, because of the differences in speed across the range of boats, the various classes will start together in either the Slow Handicap fleet or Fast Handicap fleet.  This means that members who have different boats will be able to race against the established classes on a handicap basis.  If several new boats from the same class come along and race regularly they will be able to form into a fleet of their own and, if they wish, have a separate start of their own.

As we use the RYA Portsmouth Yardstick (PY), which enables boats of different types to race against one another, then any dinghy with a PY between that of an Optimist and an RS400 can be raced.  However, we would you encourage you to consider sailing in one of the classes that we currently race, especially if you are new to the sport.  These are boats which are especially suitable for our lake and are capable of being sailed well to their handicaps.  Prizes are also awarded to the winners of various series in the classes that we currently race as their results are awarded both in the handicap races as well as by individual class.

The club has always enjoyed some excellent open water sailing on its 117 acre reservoir set in the foothills of the Pennines and it also has a good reputation for organising decent club racing.

Now we have ‘opened up’ our club racing to all classes then why now come along and give it a try?  For more information please contact us on membership@hlsc.org.uk.

If you want to find out more about the main boats that we currently race i.e. the classes which we know have a proven pedigree on Hollingworth Lake, please click here.


 Latest Sailing News

Sunday 11th December

Ten boats were out for the last day of racing at the Lake. The mixed fleet raced on handicap and with a first and a second Martin Brennan in a Solo was the clear winner. In the first race, the RS400 helmed by Ste Mason, with Adam McGovern, soon got way past the Merlin Rockets but its handicap was too much. For the second race, they swapped boats with Steve Crook and Sally Townend. As Les Bithell and Jan MacNeill got clear to lead the Merlins neither Steve Crook in the RS400 nor Ste Mason in the Merlin were able to break away. The westerly wind provided good conditions to end the season. The results below are on the usual class basis. Racing starts again on 5th March.
Merlin Rocket:
Race 1: 1.S Crook/S Townend 2.L Bithell/J MacNeill 3.B Mager/C Jowett
Race 2: 1.L Bithell/J MacNeill 2.B Mager/C Jowett 3.S Mason/A McGovern
Races 1 & 2: 1.C Massey/S Garner 2.A Din/O Zuniga 3.L Burns/D Fisher
Race 1: 1.M Brennan 2.D Hughes
Race 2: 1.M Brennan
Race 1: 1.S Mason/A McGovern
Race 2: 1.S Crook/S Townend


Sunday 4th December

The penultimate day of sailing at the Lake seemed to provide conditions that, in summer, might be ideal. Plenty of sunshine and a moderate easterly breeze attracted a few keen sailors. However, the wind proved inconsistent in the first race and Martin Brennan with Chris Massey in a GP14 had plenty of experience between them to find the best way, despite the challenge of Adam McGovern and Ste Mason. Indeed, although the Merlin Rocket of Martin and Rene Watts should be faster, they were beaten to the finish by the GP14. The second race started well until the wind suddenly increased and white ‘horses’ appeared. A Laser capsized and some others hurried home to the harbour while the two leading GP14s continued to race.
Merlin Rocket:
Race 1: 1.M & R Watts
Race 1: 1.M Brennan/C Massey 2.A McGovern/S Mason 3.C Knott/R Long
Race 2: 1.M Brennan/C Massey 2.A McGovern/S Mason
Race 1: 1.W Smith


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